Qurbani / Udhiya

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Eid Al Adha
is a time where the saying by Prophet Mohammad PBUH Wish for your brother what you wish for yourselfis practiced.

As we sit down for our annual Eid dinner with our families and appreciate God’s gifts; we would do well to remember Syrians who have not been able to have an Eid meal.

This is why the Syrian Forum has decided to provide Qurbani / Udhiya donations to those who wish to contribute fresh ‘meat’- lamb and goat-  to afflicted families in Northern Syria this Eid.

May your generous donations be added to your good deeds.

Give as many Qurbani shares as you like.
Many people give Qurbani for each member of their family and in memory of loved ones that have passed away.


Thank you for your generous support, Qurbani campaign is finished.


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