About Syrian Forum

About Syrian Forum

Established in 2011, Syrian Forum is a consortium of six specialized institutions dedicated to sustaining, supporting, and rebuilding Syrian lives. With programs and partners in seven countries, the organization provides more than temporary relief. Syrian Forum empowers Syrians to help themselves—to build their own future.

  • Syrian Forum is sustaining Syrian lives. The organization has delivered more than 26 million services to struggling communities, from Idlib to Eastern Ghouta. Syrian Forum provides emergency relief, builds the capacity of local institutions, and restores critical infrastructure, from water stations to school buildings.
  • Syrian Forum is empowering self-sufficiency. The organization has helped more than 14,000 Syrian refugees find jobs in Turkey, and it has equipped nearly 8,000 Syrian professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to restore their communities.
  • Syrian Forum is nurturing the next generation of leaders. The organization educates, protects, and uplifts Syrian children and youth through diverse programs, from psychosocial support services to community soccer tournaments.

Syrian Forum USA is an independently registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with operations in Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, DC.


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